The Farm Protects the Vineyard

The Farm Protects the Vineyard

“The Farm is our home, it is located in the fertile plains of Reggio Emilia. From there, when the sky is clear, you can easily catch sight of the snowy mountains of the Apennines. This extraordinary geographical position preserves our ecosystem, the Farm itself protects our land and our vineyard. To the Farm we dedicated our most delicate wine, the Malvasia: like all white wines, it needs more care; at the same time, it strongly embodies the spirit of our land.”

Malvasia dell’Emilia IGP

12.80 IVA inclusa

Denomination: Malvasia dell’Emilia IGP
Type: sparkling white wine – re-fermented in bottle on its own yeasts
Grape variety: 100% Malvasia di Candia Aromatica
Wine making: spontaneous fermentation on its own yeasts, clarifications only by pouring; no forced filtration; 1st fermentation in stainless steel; 2nd fermentation and aging in bottle
Territory: high plains of the municipality of Reggio Emilia
Soil: clayey-sandy soil

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Production method: organic method, reg. CE 834/07, reg CE 1854/18, reg. CE 203/12; certification by ICEA ITBIO006 (IFOAM member), operator code H1912
Vineyard: espalier, Guyot
Grape yield: 12 tonn/Ha
Harvest: picked by hand, at the beginning/half of September
Alcohol content: 11.5 %
Residual sugar: 0 (zero) gr/l
Total acidity: 5.60 gr/l
Sulfur dioxide: not added, natural content < 10 mg/l
Features: “extreme” wine: no added yeasts, no filtration, no added sulphites. Straw yellow and golden color, lively and persistent foam, with characteristic flavour; citrus and grapefruit flavors; fresh and light.
Matchings: perfect with pastries (pie, sweet tortellini, donut), but also with cold cuts, excellent as aperitif
Service: to be served at +8-10°C