The scent of grape harvest in the hands

The scent of grape harvest in the hands

We are primarily a family of farmers and winemakers: we grew up following the rhythm and the scent of the seasons, of the land, of the vineyard, and of the grape harvest. The smell of our grandparents' and parents' hands during the harvest days was so intense that we could smelled it even during the goodnight touch: our Rosé wine is as delicate as a mother's hand caressing her son, yet strongly rooted in our land.

Lambrusco Reggiano DOP Rosé

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Denomination: Lambrusco Reggiano DOP Rosé
Type: sparkling dry rosé wine
Blend: 100% Lambrusco Marani
Wine making: Charmat method. Contact with the skins for 24/36 hours, soft pressing; fermentation in stainless steel tank
Territory: high plains of the municipality of Reggio Emilia
Soil: clayey-sandy soil

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Production method: organic, reg. CE 834/07, reg CE 1584/18, reg. CE 203/12; certification by ICEA ITBIO006 (IFOAM member), operator code H1912
Vineyard: espalier, Guyot, mean age 15 years
Grape yield: 12 tonn/Ha
Harvest: picked by hand, mid/end September
Alcohol content: 11.5%
Residual sugar: 8 gr/l
Total acidity: 6,40 gr/l
Sulfur dioxide: 24 mg/l
Features: rosé “cerasuolo”, with fine and evanescent foam, floral and fresh fruit flavors.
Matchings: excellent with traditional Italian dishes, fresh and stuffed pasta, Parmigiano-Reggiano, cold cuts salami, good perfect with seafood, and with unusual dishes too, like pizza.
Service: to be served at 10-12°C