We respect the land we cultivate

We respect the land we cultivate

“Every day we live in symbiosis with our land: we observe it, we breathe it, we cultivate it respecting deep-rooted traditions, and season after season, year after year, we are always amazed by what our land returns to us. The witness of the undeniable value of this tradition is our 1958 tractor, the so called “Sametto”, which has been accompanying us in the cultivation of our land for many years, and which inspired our Rosé wine Metodo Classico”

Lambrusco dell’Emilia IGP Spumante Rosé

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Denomination: Lambrusco dell’Emilia IGP Spumante Rosé
Type: Spumante metodo classico rosé brut nature
Grape variety: 100% Lambrusco Marani
Wine making: metodo classico. Instant soft pressing; 1st fermentation on its own yeasts, 2nd fermentation and aging in bottle for at least 40 months
Territory: high plains of the municipality of Reggio Emilia
Soil: clayey-sandy soil

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Production method: organic, reg. CE 834/07, reg. CE 1584/18, reg. CE 203/12; certification by ICEA ITBIO006 (IFOAM member), operator code H1912
Vineyard: espalier, spurred cordon, age 23 years
Grape yield: 12 tonn/Ha
Harvest: picked by hand, mid-September
Alcohol content: 12 %
Residual sugar: 0 (zero) gr/l
Total acidity: 6,80 gr/l
Sulfur dioxide: 30 mg/l
Features: rosé “cerasuolo”, bright color. Fine, delicate, and persistent foam. Complex taste, with fruity, jam, yeast and bread crust flavors; strong acidity. It expresses at its best the characteristics of the grape variety
Matchings: perfect as aperitif, but also excellent with meals, especially with elaborate seafood dishes.
Service: to be served at 6-8°C