Where the storks dare

Where the storks dare

“Every year some storks come to nest at our farm. These birds usually prefer quiet places but, in contrast to many other birds (which prefer greater seclusion), storks chose to settle next to humans. In the past it was easier to see them near the houses, while today it is quite rare. We are proud that these wild birds choose our farm as their home every year. We believe that they return like this because of the deep bond between man and nature, and the uniqueness and biodiversity of this place. Our most “challenging” wine is produced with the Pet Nat method, which entails natural re-fermentation, and it is dedicated to them. This method takes time and requires patience, just like the evolution of nature”.

Lambrusco dell’Emilia IGP Rosé

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Denomination: Lambrusco dell’Emilia IGP Rosé
Type: sparkling dry rosé wine – fermented in bottle on its own yeast
Blend: 100% Lambrusco Marani
Wine making: contact with the skins for 24/36 hours, spontaneous fermentation on its own yeasts, clarifications only by pouring, no forced filtration; 1st fermentation in stainless steel; 2nd fermentation and aging in bottle for 12 months
Territory: high plains of the municipality of Reggio Emilia
Soil: clayey-sandy soil

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Production method: organic, reg. CE 834/07, reg. CE 1584/18, reg. CE 203/12; certification by ICEA ITBIO006 (IFOAM member), operator code H1912
Vineyard: espalier, Guyot/spurred cordon, mean age 15 years
Grape yield: 12 tonn/Ha
Harvest: picked by hand, mid/end September
Alcohol content: 12 %
Residual sugar: 0 (zero) gr/l
Total acidity: 6,70 gr/l
Sulfur dioxide: without added sulphites, natural content < 10 mg/l
Features: rosé “cerasuolo”, with fine, delicate, and persistent foam; floral taste with citrus flavors. Excellent acidity, fresh, savory.
Matchings: perfect with traditional Italian dishes, fresh and stuffed pasta, Parmigiano-Reggiano, cold cuts, and also with seafood. Excellent as aperitif.
Service: to be served at 10-12°C