Podere Giardino is a member of the Italian Federation of Independent Winemakers (Fivi) which gathers all the wine producers, like us, who directly follow the entire winemaking process, from the vineyard to the bottle.

The logo of FIVI, a winemaker who carries a basket of grapes on his head and whose shadow turns into a bottle, is the protagonist of the new animation video realized by Corrado Virgili.

This is the beginning of the project developed to support the main symbol of the Independent Winegrowers. The protagonist is Ampelio, the farmer who takes care of his vineyard. The campaign has been developed to promote the logo, stuck on the members’ bottles. It aims at identifying a wine produced by an Independent Winemakers, who manages his own vineyards and follows the production chain in all its phases. The dissemination of the video and the whole campaign will involve both Fivi’s members, and enthusiasts of the wine world.

FIVI was among the first organizations to put its logo on the bottles, proof of a strong feeling of belonging. Because being an independent winemaker is a way of producing, of being, of living.

“The FIVI winegrower not only follows the entire wine supply chain, but also promotes a viticulture that takes care of the land and carries on traditions”. 🍇