Tourism after Covid 19? Holding a glass of wine in hand

Local, sustainable, in the open air, affordable: the characteristics of enotourism could be a driving factor in the economic relaunch.

While in ‘normal’ times the “wine experience” occurs mainly in the wine cellar, in the current Covid-19 times, it will increasingly be in the vineyard, where there is enough space for social distancing.
It’s local tourism that allows a half-day or weekend trip for a few persons or small groups.

It takes place outdoors, combining visits to both the vineyard and the wine cellar, and can also include an exploration of the region, its restaurants, reception facilities, cultural heritage and local delicacies.
A simple, fun and educational experience, and above all sustainable.

“Il nuovo enoturismo – The new enotourism” project is created in this spirit – it is an online platform aiming at creating and supporting Wineries and Wine Protection Consortia to take advantage of the opportunities it offers, while introducing the new safety measures relating to reception facilities.

The project started with a series of three Webinars, the first one being “The new wine tourism: operating instructions”: it included experts on a range of different topics, such as the Italian and international scene, the new trends in enotourism, safety measures related to Covid-19, administrative procedures, welcoming guests in the vineyard and in the wine cellar, as well as connection with the local territory.

The next webinars will take place in Lombardy, organized by the Union Camere Lombardia, and in Piedmont, organized for both the Manifactures of the Wine Protection Consortium, and for the reception facilities Operators of the Gavi area (in the province of Alessandria, South Est of Piedmont), within the project “Destination Gavi”.