I always feel a bit uncomfortable defining myself as a “winemaker”: considering the way we produce wine, I feel more like an “assistant” in the process of transforming grapes into wine…it’s something sacred, intimate, by which we can only be amazed, feel respect and gratitude.

This respect starts with the environmental awareness that all three of us have (Federica, Paolo and I). This is what led us to a sustainable agriculture approach, in all its different aspects: respect for the land, for the people, and for the relationships between us and with our surroundings.

The wine production follows this same spirit:  great care is taken in the vineyard, a limited production, healthy grapes, limited interventions in the wine-cellar, spontaneous fermentation, no added ingredients, and respect for the phases of the moon… it really is a “natural wine”.

This is how the concept of “Cru” is developed: the wine’s identity is closely linked to the farm, to its soil, its yeasts, its land, and the people who work there.

Marco Crotti tells us about the #harvest2019 of the Podere Giardino. “This year the harvest was particularly difficult because the month of May was cold and rainy, so the “season” started quite late. The resulting harvest produced healthy grapes, but with very high acidity, which delayed the harvest even further, as we waited for the correct values; it was like a return to the past, harvesting in October! During the fermentation, however, all this has been rebalanced, proving that nature “knows best” what it has to do, and how to self-regulate.
Wine is a living entity, which transforms itself following natural cycles. Man is “only” an assistant to this transformation of grapes into wine, time and again. And each time we witness with wonder and with gratitude this miracle that the Earth gifts us. “