Time is a big luxury. So is wine: patience is of the essence.

The deep bond with nature and the respect of its pace lead not only to the elimination of artificial chemical inputs, but also in soil management that adapted to the cosmic and lunar cycles.
Our wine is produced following the slow rhythms of nature.



Pruning is one of the most important operations: when the vineyard rests, the vine-shoots that will host the new grapes are selected through winter pruning.



After a long winter a new season that will origin the new wine begins.

All these phases, together with organic fertilization, will result in a product of undisputed quality.

End of April, beginning of May.
Waning Moon: Spollonatura, Scacchiatura
Trimming suckers and dry branches eliminates the shoots growing on the older branches that do not yield grapes.

From May to July. Natural Treatments.

To protect our vineyard from fungi, we use only copper sulphate and sulphur in the place of artificial chemicals.
The earth thanks us for this by producing excellent produce.

Keeping grass at the foot of the vine is also important, in order to ensure balance and preserve the biodiversity.
This respects the earth.

End of May – Beginning of June Blossoming
The year’s production depends on this very delicate phase. The wonderful, intense scent produced by vines, attracts pollinating insects, including bees, precious allies of both man and vine.

August. Fruit setting.

The green grape changes colour and turns dark. The new grape harvest is about to start!

September.Grape harvest.

The most beautiful days of the year: it is when our wine is born, fruit of our particular territory and a passion that lasts 365 days a year.
You can find this passion in all our products.

We strongly believe that the producer’s task is to preserve as far as possible the characteristics that the grapes have acquired during the process of ripening.
Therefore, we harvest entirely by hand to ensure the bunch of grapes remains intact.

The stages after the harvest are also carried out with great attention to detail, in order to produce genuine and high-quality wines.



The philosophy in our wine cellar is the same as in the vineyard: we follow the cycle of the moon and the make-up of our precious liquid is not altered through other interventions: spontaneous fermentation on native yeasts, no filtration, no addition of ingredients, except, when necessary, small amounts of sulphur dioxide.


Declining moon: bottling

The final step involving the human hand. Once in the bottle, in the silence and darkness of the wine-cellar, the wine completes its metamorphosis. This is the time for waiting and being patient.