Organic Winery and Farm


Organic Winery and Farm

Podere Giardino is nested in the Emilia plain, in a prosperous and fertile land. Here we produce with passion high quality products all-year-round. Our mission is to protect our farming and winemaking traditions, and we chose the organic way to do it. We love our first-hand approach with our clients, to welcome them in our farm sharing our tradition and looking out for innovative process. We always try to keep up-to-date without forgetting where we come from. We take pride in the flavour, the authenticity and high-quality standards of our products.

Learning from Nature

How does a grape cluster form? How do cattle breed? How does hay turns eventually into milk? We are more than happy to show your children how mother Nature does it. We often organize Agro-natural workshops and visits for schools, families and co-ops. Please do not hesitate in contacting us if you feel like knowing more!

The Crotti Family

Towards the end of the 1800s, our great-grandpa Donnino bred milking cattle for Parmigiano-Reggiano production. His livestock was still small, because he also made Lambrusco wine.
Both zoo technics and winemaking traditions have been passed on from father to son, down to the fourth generation now. The farm has been growing and it has expanded thanks to the many efforts of each family member: grandpa Adolfo, then our beloved mom and dad: Lella and Bruno. Since 2001, the three of us, Paolo, Marco and Federica, we took the winery farm on board. Our mission is to always try to improve and innovate our methods, without ever forgetting where we come from.