Ci assicuriamo che abbiano tutto quello di cui una mucca ha bisogno per stare bene ed essere felice. Un'alimentazione sana e OGM free, ritmi in sintonia con il ciclo della natura, un ambiente a norma in cui crescere e mantenersi in forma.


It is essential to us that our animals follow a very healthy and GMO-free diet. It is our daily task to make sure they are well cared for. Proper feed. Our cows follow a healthy diet that includes organic fodder, GMO-free supplements. Well-being. We say no to chemicals. We choose only Phytotherapy (plant-derived) medicines in standard pharmacology, ensuring our animal’s prosperity. Good Life. We all need a nice home, and cows too! We built a nice, clean and comfortable stable for them, allowing them free movement and shelter.
Happy cows. Cattle’s happiness is the secret ingredient in our milk.

A Trusting Relationship

There are 60 cows living at Podere Giardino, they bid us good morning everyday at 4 a.m. We milk them at dawn. The freshly drawn milk is immediately ready to be sold in our vending machines or delivered to our customers, mainly ice cream and pastry shops. There is a second milking in the afternoon, which will be used to make Parmigiano-Reggiano. The milking procedures are key activities that require constant care and trust, ensuring that our cattle remains healthy and well cared for. These are the moments when we are able to connect and bond with them.