Suoli Cataldi Rosso



This is a sparkling and solar red wine, obtained from a variety of Lambrusco grapes. Our vineyards are located near the city of Reggio Emilia, on our terrains, the “Cataldi”-estate. Lambrusco Suoli Cataldi is made from a blend of three types of Lambrusco grapes: Marani, Salamino, Oliva; plus Ancellotta and Malbo Gentile grapes.

Grape varieties: Marani, Salamino, Oliva; plus Ancellotta and Malbo Gentile

Cultivation system: Guyot

Exposuresolar exposure on both sides of the vines

Alcool content by volume: +11.5 % vol

Service: Reggiano Lambrusco Rosso Suoli Cataldi tastes best when served at a temperature of about 10-12°C (50-53 Fahrenheit).

Suggestion: : We recommend to enjoy our wine with traditional delicacies of our region: Parmigiano-Reggiano, gnocchi fritti (fried dumplings), erbazzone (a quiche-like dish, typical for Reggio Emilia), local Emilian sausages; and it tastes great with roasted meat. You can find some of the recipes on this website.

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    Lambrusco Suoli Cataldi Red x12

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    Lambrusco Suoli Cataldi Red x24

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    Lambrusco Suoli Cataldi Red x6

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