Lambrusco Suoli Cataldi





This is a sparkling and solar red wine, obtained from a variety of Lambrusco grapes. Our vineyards are located near the city of Reggio Emilia, on our terrains, the “Cataldi”-estate. Lambrusco Suoli Cataldi is made from a blend of three types of Lambrusco grapes: Marani, Salamino, Oliva; plus Ancellotta and Malbo Gentile grapes.







Lively and intriguing; it’s our rosè Lambrusco, that originates from Lambrusco Marani grapes handly picked and vinified in the best local tradition. The vineyards are located in the high plains of Reggio Emilia, on soils named “Cataldi”.




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Il Vitigno

Il Lambrusco Suoli Cataldi nasce da un uvaggio di 3 lambruschi


Il Marani, Salamino, Oliva; più Ancellotta e Malbo Gentile. Il Lambrusco Reggiano Rosè viene prodotto da un unico vitigno, il Lambrusco Marani. Il suolo franco argilloso, l’ottima esposizione solare su entrambi i fronti dei filari, gli impianti a spalliera/guyot, contribuiscono ad esaltare la qualità delle uve lambrusche,varietà autoctone giunte a noi da un passato antico e ricco di storia.

Il risultato è un vino frizzante e generoso,come la gente emiliana e la nostra terra.


The production process is consistent with our philosophy of respect for nature and for the consumer.

All the phases of production, from field growing to the manual harvest of grapes, up to the cellar vinification are carried out in a traditional way and with the best technologies.The respect of the natural rhythms imposed by nature and our constant effort to recover the authentic tastes and fragrances of the products of our land: these are our values, the ones that allow us to respect the certified biological method. This renders our yearly production -about 10.000 bottles -a high quality product.

Organic Lambrusco

Organic agriculture is a production method that respects human well-being and defends environmental biodiversity, it is a model of sustainable development aimed at protecting the environment and enhancing the quality of the soil and the resources of local communities.

Lambrusco PDO

The label PDO is granted to agricultural and food products that are produced according to well-defined rules in a specific region.

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    Lambrusco Suoli Cataldi Red x12

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    Lambrusco Suoli Cataldi Red x6

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    Lambrusco Suoli Cataldi Rosé x6

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    Lambrusco Suoli Cataldi Rosé x12

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