We care about breeding

    We make sure all are cows are cared for; that each animal has everything it needs to be happy. They follow a GMO-free diet, a healthy, certified lifestyle according to Health’s Dept. standards and regulations.

    We care about breeding
  • our milk

    Love is the secret ingredient

    Good, healthy, zero-miles milk. Our milk is freshly drawn and it has unmistakable taste; it has a high content of probiotic supplements and vitamins. It is made by happy and healthy cows.

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    Love is the secret ingredient
  • Our milk is turned into

    Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese

    We transform our good milk into Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese since many generations. This is it! Certified, authentic, traditional and unique: probably one of the best Italian culinary delights.

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    Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese
  • With respect

    We farm our land

    We only use organic fertilizer. Respecting mother Nature is the first step to love ourselves, and it is our belief that a better future depends on all of us.

    Winery and Farm
    We farm our land
  • We only grow organic

    Lambrusco grapes

    “Suoli Cataldi” is our Lambrusco wine. It embodies a four-line generation of passion and love for good wine making. It is a fine, organic wine that incarnates the sparkling and generous character of our people.

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    Lambrusco grapes

Podere Giardino – Organic Winery and Farm

 In Villa Roncadella, a small village nested in the countryside of Reggio Emilia, there springs Podere Giardino, our organic winery and farm. Since more than a hundred years now, farming and zoo-technics have been developed and employed by our family. We are the fourth generation now, and we try to combine sustainability, innovation and good quality products.

 We are Paolo, Marco and Federica Crotti, our aim is to bring authentic and true flavours to the table and to convey our values trough our everyday life.
That is how “Suoli Cataldi”, our organic, 100% natural Lambrusco wine is made. And our freshly drawn milk makes for a perfect Parmigiano-Reggiano because is made by happy, healthy cows that only eat organic and GMO-free.



It is indeed love at first taste. This freshly drawn milk has something more! Perhaps it is its natural, whole taste, its freshness or the idea to make a sustainable choice. This milk is healthy, full of nutrients.


Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese

The Big Cheese! Since nine hundred years this is the king of all cheese. Made only with the best selection of locally produced ingredients, Parmigiano is good for all ages. That is how we do it. With the milk of our happy cows, 100% natural.


Lambrusco Wine

Winemaking is a form of art. It takes flair, passion and experience. A good glass of “Suoli Cataldi” sums up
these essential ingredients. Our Lambrusco goes back since many years, it combines a long history with love for organic production.


We firmly believe this is the only developing method that can last with time, work-nature balance. That is why we do not use chemicals.


All our products respect the environment and the animals. This is a choice we make every day, because we believe that a better future depends on all of us.

Good Quality

All the farming and winemaking process follow high-quality standards. With our products we try to bring the best of what Nature has to offer to your table.

Growing Together

We strive to be open and inclusive, sharing experiences and following a healthy slow life-work balance. We welcome people visiting us and we feel enriched with their precious energy.

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Visit us online and bring our products to your table. Parmigiano and Lambrusco is a match made in heaven, they make for a delicious idea for your loved ones, for your employees or your clients. Let us inspire and delight you with our products; you will taste certified and healthy food. If you are a distributor please do not hesitate in contacting us for special promotions!